World’s first mouthwash for smokers launches in the UK

  • Developed to improve oral health and hygiene for smokers
  • Helps eliminate smokers’ breath
  • Unique composition of NICORINSE® reduces the presence of nicotine and other damaging chemicals left in the mouth after smoking
  • FREE (250ml) bottle of NICORINSE mouthwash, worth £11.95 for first 100 VIP Advisers
  • Just £3 plus post & packing for next 1000 VIPs

London – August 14th, 2015 – UK smokers now have a powerful new aid to improving their oral health and hygiene, thanks to today’s launch of NICORINSE. It is the first mouthwash specifically developed to target the damage to teeth, gums and soft tissues in the mouth suffered by smokers.

Nicorinse Smokers Mouthwash

It works by reducing the absorption of addictive nicotine, and other damaging chemicals found in tobacco smoke, in two ways. Swishing with NICORINSE before smoking leaves a fine coating inside the mouth that reduces absorption, and, swishing after smoking washes away nicotine and toxins left in the mouth.


Helps to eliminate smokers’ breath and targets smokers’ common oral health and hygiene issues Created in North America by a practising dentist, Dr John Nesbitt DDS, in partnership with a respected chemist, Dr William Farone, NICORINSE is designed to:

  • Reduce the absorption of nicotine and harmful toxins found in tobacco smoke
  • Completely eliminate ‘smokers’ breath’
  • Reduce the risk of yellowing teeth
  • Promote healthier teeth and gums.

Smokers (and non-smokers) in the UK can follow the NICORINSE Healthy Mouth Regime to achieve the best results.

Generous launch deals available from the Online Store
The two flavours of NICORINSE cost £11.95 per 250ml bottle and are now available for purchase via the NICORINSE Online Shop.

The first 100 smokers to sign up to the VIP Adviser Group will be able to guide NICORINSE actions and will receive a full-size 250ml bottle of the mouthwash worth £11.95, completely free. The next 1000 VIPs will be able to try the product for just £3 plus post and packing. Any smokers who want to benefit from these launch discounts should register here.

Helps in addressing ‘Dry Mouth’
Because it is free from alcohol, it is very gentle on the mouth and helpful in addressing ‘Dry Mouth’ associated with smoking or harsh medical treatments such as chemotherapy.

Free from nicotine
As NICORINSE is specifically designed to gently reduce the absorption of nicotine, it can even help smokers cut down or quit. By reducing the amount of nicotine absorbed, NICORINSE helps to cut back on the cravings for the next cigarette.  In addition to delivering oral health benefits, the NICORINSE Quit Smoking Regime is designed to help smokers cut down or quit completely.

NICORINSE mouthwash is manufactured in the UK and is EU safety certified.

Dentists who are interested in trying or stocking NICORINSE should contact


NICORINSE is the world’s first mouthwash developed especially to improve the oral health and hygiene of smokers and other tobacco users by reducing the presence of nicotine and other damaging chemicals left in the mouth after smoking.

NICORINSE wants to be guided by consumers and has set up the NICORINSE VIP community to receive advice on a regular basis. Consumers who register as VIPs will be given the opportunity to try the products and provide their feedback. On top of that, anyone who signs up will be provided with an exclusive inside track to the brand’s plans and have the opportunity to guide its next steps – via short monthly adviser surveys. All VIPs will also have access to exclusive discounts, information, promotions and prizes.

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